There are many different games and drills that can be done using the the Hockey Shots Game.  Learning proper shooting technique is very important if you want to put the puck in the back of the net.

Some videos were shortened in order for easier uploading to this website, some were just too big.  The Hockey Shots Game we have in our basement is one of the original prototypes, it has smaller supports and no fiberglass in the frame.  You can see that it works just fine.  The one I am selling has fiberglass in it so it is stronger and stiffer, it also comes with bigger supports.  You might have notice that this part of our basement is not that big... you don't need a lot of room to use the Hockey Shots Game just use your imagination.    In the videos from the back edge of the red line to the Game is 8 feet.

Johnny taking a pass from his brother Paul then taking a shot.

Paul is 5 and he loves shooting at the Hockey Shots Game.

Paul doing a ball handling drill.

Paul likes to do and tries real hard to do the same drills as his big brother.

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