Johnny likes to score goals so he practices with the Hockey Shots Game everyday.

J.W. Bismarck, ND 


Johnny starting his celebration after he scores again, assist to Tucker.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

Johnny scores assist to Jacob

The Hockey Shots Game comes ready to use and consists of a plastic board with 16 equally spaced square openings that is approximately 4 feet high by 4 feet wide and 2 inches thick.  The main board is made of a resilient plastic with embedded fiberglass that is approximately 3/8 of an inch thick.  There is a slight curve inward and down to help deflect balls forward and down.  There are 16 white/off white sponge targets (they turn yellow after time when exposed to different light sources, but this doesn't affect the integrity of the sponge).  These targets are inserted into the 16 openings.  The reusable sponge targets fit snugly in the openings and will be knocked out when hit by a shot.  These targets will take a beating and last a long time, usually a year or more.  There are 2 wooden supports that are connected to the bottom of the board with 2 sets of hinges.  These supports are folded out when the game is to be used and folded inward when the game is to be stored.  These hinged supports allow for easy and quick setup and easy and quick storage.  The Game only weighs around 35lbs so it is easily moved around and portable.  Throw it in the back of a pickup truck and take it to Grandmas house for something to do. 

The HSG in our backyard has been exposed to the elements for 6 years and it is just a sturdy now as when it was new.  The sponges I have had to replace because direct sunlight is hard on them.  The main embodiment of this Game will last you a long time.  You can resell it when your Hockey Star does not use it any more.

If you want to keep the balls from flying around on missed shots then it is a good idea to hang a tarp or blanket behind the game.  Also keeping the game close to a wall will help.

Please read Warning Label taped to top of the game before removing it and using this game.

Set up the Hockey Shots Game by opening the supports to 90 degrees.

The targets are reinserted into the openings of the plastic board from the back.  Grasp the plastic board with one hand and insert the sponge targets with the other.  Push the targets in until they are pressed against the lip of the front rib and they can go no further.  Inserting the targets takes about a minute.  A faster way is to pull the game forward and lay it on its face.  Insert the targets from the back while the game is on the ground.  Then stand the game back up.

The Hockey Shots Game comes with 16 white sponge targets.  These targets can be numbered 1 thru 16 with a permanent black marker or spray paint and this will allow for different games to be played.

When you are finished with the Hockey Shots Game fold the supports inward and push it against a wall out of the way.

This Version of the Hockey Shots Game is made to be used with plastic orange hockey or tennis balls.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD HARD RUBBER BLACK OR BLUE PUCKS BE USED.  A steel version is coming soon that will allow these pucks to be used.



Before you can start learning proper stickhandling,shooting and passing technique you need to make sure you have the proper length of stick and that you are holding your stick properly. 

The PROPER length of stick should be between your chin and the tip of your nose.  Make sure you are wearing your skates when you get this measurement.  When you practice off ice make sure the stick comes to the same spot between your chin and nose ONLY less the height of your skates which is around 2 inches shorter.

Option 1 below- The butt or taped knob of the stick must be seated in the palm of your hand being grasped by the thumb and 1st three fingers.  The pinky finger closes into the palm behind the butt.  As weird as it looks and feels this is the proper way to grab top end of a hockey stick.  This is the way I grab my stick.

Option 2 below-  The butt end of the stick is grasped by all 4 fingers and the thumb.  The pinky finger is even with the end of the knob.  The stick end should NOT stick out passed the pinky finger.  This is the way Johnny aged 11 grabs his stick.  As he gets older and stronger he might change to option 1.

Both options above of grabbing a hockey stick gives you the maximum mobility or flexiblity in the wrist for proper stickhandling, shooting and passing technique. 

Below are the wrong ways to grab a stick.  Never allow your hockey star to practice with the butt end extending past the pinky finger, this leads to bad habits and bad technique. You can't stick handle, you can't shoot and you can't pass properly if you hold your stick this way.

Using hockey or tennis balls allows you to still work on the main techniques of shooting a puck.  These techniques are:

1- stick handling, having the ball under control

2- finding and watching your target, keep your head up
3- weight transfer, from the back foot to the front foot
4- shot release, snapping of the wrists
5- shot follow through, hitting what you aimed at by following through with your stick and pointing it at your target

Learning proper techniques is key to developing a great shot.  Practicing proper techniques is a Must.  Shoot hard everytime in practices and games.  Sloppy shooting,  sloppy technique and sloppy practice leads to a weak and inaccurate shot.  Ball must be held and handled in the heel of your stick.  All shots start with the ball in the heel of your stick.

Memorize and practice the 5 key points above.  The more you practice the better your shot will become if you use these techniques.  Remember get in the habit of shooting as hard as you can every time.  If you shoot with the ball in the middle or tip of your blade your shot will flip or butterfly and you will have no power or accuracy.  Shoot bottom corners with accuracy and power and when you can do this consistantly then start shooting for the top shelf.

The Hockey Shots Game allows you to practice all of the above techniques of shooting in a fun and entertaining manner and will give you the repetitions you need to improve your hockey shot.  The more you practice the easier and quicker your shooting techniques will become... a smooth motion no thinking.  This Game allows parents to play games and to do drills with their kids encouraging them and helping them improve their hockey shooting techniques and to keep their heads up while having fun doing it.  After being able to skate the most important skill in hockey is being able to handle the puck.  You can't play the game if you can't handle the puck and you can't play the game if you don't keep your head up.  Practicing off ice at home with drills and games using a ball will help you do both.

Just like baseball where there are many ways to practice your baseball swing other than by being pitched to, the Hockey Shots Game gives a hockey player a unique, fun and entertaining alternative to practicing their hockey shooting techniques using a ball.  There are many many off ice and on ice games and drills to be done using a ball... the Hockey Shots Game is only one of them, use your imagination and make some up.

Care should be used when using this game as missed shots and shots deflected off the hard plastic frame can and will cause damage to property and/or persons standing nearby.  Also this game is not a jungle gym... Do Not Climb On It.

The GAME is made of quality Made in the U.S. or Made in Canada materials for a long usage life.  Exposure to the Sun or Rain or running it over with the car will decrease this life span.  


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