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I would just handle the puck in and out of these empty detergent bottles my dad set up as pylons.  Then I would set up TARGETS in the net and try and hit them with forehands, backhands, whatever.  Then I'd do it all again, except this time with a TENNIS BALL, which is much harder to handle.  Nowadays, people come up to me, dragging their kids behind them, and say, "Wayne, tell my son to practice three hours a day like you did."  And I always say, "I'm not going to tell him to practice three hours a day.  Let him go ride his bike if he wants."  Nobody told me to practice three hours a day.  I practiced all day because I loved it.  All my friends would leave the ice and say, "Lets go to the movies," but I never wanted to.  The only way a kid is going to practice is if it's total fun for him-- and it was for me.  From the book GRETZKY An Autobiography , Pages 18 and 19, this book is a very interesting read

First of all, mastering any skill in hockey requires focused training and repetition of correct technique.  Successful hockey players are "smart" hockey players and "smart" players train OUT of their"Comfort Zone".  This means continually pushing yourself to execute with creativity, experiment, and to expand your limits, all with emphasis on precise technique.  Technique must always be first and foremost!  An article in the Dakota Hockey Magazine Summer 2007 written by Shawn Killian, Director of Planet Hockey Inc.

Another beauty of street hockey is in the small amount of space it takes to set up a net or mini-arena.  All it takes is a little imagination, and the tweaking of the rules.   When Elmer can't make it out his front door for the game, his replacement is a shooting tarp that hangs from the crossbar, or a target that affixes to the posts, similar to what the NHL uses for the shooting accuraccy contests at the the All-Star-Game.  "There are all sorts of great street hockey products available for kids", says Steve Ulseth, a manufacturer rep for both ice and street hockey equipment, "and the best part is that not only are they really fun to goof around with in the driveway or street, but they really do help players improve their skills".   Not only is street hockey a great reason to get outside and enjoy the spring weather, it also provides training benfits for players.  Stick handling with a street hockey ball or puck can help develop many of the same fundamental skills that kids work on during the season on the ice.  "Dribbling a puck or ball in the driveway can help kids really improve their stick handling skills," says Kevin McLaughlin, director of youth hockey for USA Hockey.  "When you consider that the average time a player touches the puck in a game is about 20 seconds, any touches are helpful, whether it's on the ice or the driveway.  Hand-eye coordination can be developed anywhere and street hockey is a very popular and effective way to become a better stick handler."  Anyone who's tried to stick handle through the opposition with a bouncing tennis ball knows that.  An Article in USA Hockey Magazine written by Greg Anzelc

"Any practice when your a kid, I think that's how to get good... It's just playing - playing out in the driveway and in the garage." - Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins Goalie

"It is not enough to train hard; you must want to train intelligently. - Herb Brooks

"There is no secret.  The Russian method of development has been incredibly simple for 50 years.  If you want to be great someday repeat skills perfectly -- over and over -- on ice and off  -- hour after hour after hour. - Jack Blatherwick, Washington Capitals physiologist.

"It used to be that kids learned how to play hockey by skating on the pond or playing ROAD HOCKEY.   Kids don't do that anymore... too many other options like Nintendo.  We only had three stations and you watched whatever your Dad wanted to.  Because they're not on the rink or playing ROAD HOCKEY our kids are not developing any hockey sense."   Don Lucia, coach Minnesota Golden Gophers Hockey

"You shoot to score goals and to do that you have to get the puck on net.  It doesn't matter how hard you shoot if you can't hit the net.  My coaches always emphasized accuarcy over velocity.  It's a lesson I've carried with me to the pros.  Scott Gomez, N.J. Devils

"Playing a hockey video game is a lot of fun but it won't make you a better hockey player.  You need to work on your game away from the rink, whether it's in your driveway, basement or backyard.  Almost everyone can find a place to practice shooting without damaging walls, garage doors or breaking windows."  Mark Tabrum & Dan Brennan, USA Hockey Coaching Education Program

"Ask yourself two questions: 1) Where would Tiger Woods be without repetition of skills?  2) Are the skills of hockey any different?  Skill development is about repetitions - thousands of ' em." -Jack Blatherwick

" For the rare player like Wayne Gretzky or Joe Mullen, goal scoring is a God given talent.  But for most players, it is an accquired skill that should be taught at an early age and refined throughout a youth hockey career.  We teach Squirts too many systems and not enough skills.  We need to become in-depth on shooting pucks.  By the time players are high school age, they're either goal scorers or they're not.  There are not too many players who go to college and all of a sudden start scoring goals.  That's not to say that every player cannot improve his or her goal-scoring prowess with HARD WORK and REPETITION with FUN GAMES and DRILLS".
-Roger Dier and Paul Caufield, USA Hockey Magazine Article

Driveway Drills- When you're away from the rink there are plenty of ways to keep working on your skills.  Whether it's in your basement, driveway, local tennis court or parking lot, the only thing stopping you is your imagination. - Katie King , USA Hockey Magazine

Practice does make Perfect-  My son Johnny recently turned nine and has a dream like most young hockey players of playing in the NHL.  He has realized at an early age that the more he practices his hockey skills off-ice, the better his on-ice skills wil be.  Johnny uses the Hockey Shots Game as part of his off-ice hockey training and it helped him score 100 goals last year.  He is learning proper shooting techniques like keeping his head up when he shoots.  The nice thing about the hockey shots game is the feedback is instantaneous... either you can knock out the targets or you can't.  Johnny has knocked out all 16 targets in 16 shots more that a few times.  Learning proper technique at a young age is very important.  Kids that do not learn to keep their head up, for example, at an early age develop a bad habit of skating with their head down and this can lead to dangerous hits and the lack of on ice awareness.  Bad habits learned and practiced at an early age can become and almost always are unbreakable as the player grows up.  With proper directions and training aids, a young player can and will improve their hockey skills off-ice with the practice of proper technique.  A player has to realize that they will only be as good as they want to be.  The sooner the kids and parent realize this the better.  Everyday a player does not practice off-ice hockey skills is another day they are behind a player that does.  Find a practice routine that fits you and practice, practice, practice; 15 minutes a day is better than none.    Using the Hockey Shots Game is only one way to improve.  As a parent, I shouldn't expect my kid to get better if I do not want to help when asked and a player shouldn't expect to get better if they can't get off the couch and away from their TV and video games.  I'm positive Sidney Crosby didn't get as good as he is lying on the couch.  The Hockey Shots Game gives you the option of playing games or doing many drills individually or with family and friends, and makes practicing your hockey shot fun.  We use the Game everyday for drills or friendly family competition because it is fun to use.  Players need to realize sooner rather than later that the best camp they can go to is on their own driveway, in their own garage or basement and this camp is open 24 hours a day.  Johnny figured it out and he is nine.  An article written by the Madknuk in the Oct 18th/07  issue of Let's Play Hockey Newspaper


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