Johnny aged 11 and Paul 8 practicing passing and shooting on the backyard rink using a tennis ball and the Hockey Shots Game.  Feb 17th, 2010. 


Paul beating his brother in a Game of Hockey Shots.  He shot out the bottom rows before Johnny could shoot out the top rows.   Feb 18th, 2010



Targets with or without numbers:

1- Most hits- individual or multi-players -each player takes 16 shots and whoever knocks the most targets out is the winner.
2- Last target- multi-player -players take turns shooting and the player that knocks out the last target is the winner.
3- Timed shooting- see how many targets you can knock out in a minute.

4- Any number of different stick handling drills all ending with a shot on the Hockey Shots Game.

5- How many shots does it take you to knock out 16 targets?  When you can knock out all 16 in 16 shots it is time to move further from the Game.

Targets with numbers:  You can insert the targets into the game in order or randomly.

1- Odd and Evens- one player, multi-player or teams try and knock out only the Odd or Even numbers.

2- Pass then a shot- the passer passes the ball to the shooter then calls a number, the shooter collects the pass and tries to knock out the number that was called.

3- Card Targets- three or more players with a maximum of seven - seven playing cards are dealt to each player including the jokers. The cards correspond to the targets as follows- ace=1, two=2 etc, jack=11, queen=12, king=13, joker=14, out of the game=15 and 16, one shot per round.  Cut the cards to see who goes first.  Ace is high, high card wins.  No called shots because you don't want the other players to know what you are shooting at.  Whoever knocks out all the targets that match the cards that they were dealt is the winner.  Player #1 doesn't have to be shooting in order to win.  If player #2 knocks out the last target of player #1 then player #1 would be the winner because this player has no more targets to shoot at "UNLESS" this target was also player #2 last target then player #2 would be the winner because they took the final shot.  Being dealt pairs or three of a kind is the best hand because this means you have fewer targets to knock out.

Rules of the Games:

1- You can play one shot per turn or a player gets to keep shooting as long as they hit a target.  Even harder is to "Call Your Shot", the player gets to keep shooting as long as they continue to hit the target that  they called.
2- Players should stand at a comfortable distance from the game.  Too close is too easy, too far is too hard.  Using different distances allows different skill levels to play one another.  When I play my 5 year old son he shoots from about 5 feet away, my 8 year old shoots from about 9 feet away and I shoot from about 14 feet away.  Use sidewalk chalk or duct tape to mark the floor with the shooting distances.  Find your own comfortable and challenging distance.

3- Loser has to reinsert the targets, this takes about a minute.


When playing games or practicing it is recommended that you have a number of balls to use so that you do not have to run after one ball after every shot.  Using 10 balls is good, our family has 50.  Cheap tennis balls with little or no bounce work well, poke holes in them to reduce the bounce.

The Hockey Shots Game can be used in a road hockey game instead of a goalie. If no one wants to play goal use 2 Games instead of goalies.  Have games to ten with the winner being the first team to knock out ten targets. 


The Hockey Shots Game can be used for practicing your Hockey or Lacrosse shot or Throwing accuracy.  Use hockey or tennis balls.  The emphasis is on repetitions, technique and accuracy NOT how hard you can shoot or throw.


at charity, fundraising and tournament events.

The Hockey Shots Game is set up with 10 targets.  The 6 inner targets are left out or are left blank to help eliminate lucky shots.


Take 12 shots within 30 seconds and try and knock out 10 targets


The shooter will have 30 seconds to knock out 10 targets.  Use a cooking timer to keep the time.

The shooter will get 12 tennis or hockey balls ONLY to shoot within 30 seconds.

The Hockey Shots Game should be placed 9 or more feet from the shooter depending on the age group competing.  The ball that is being shot and the shooters feet cannot go past the designated shooting line while the shot is taken OR the Shot will not count if a target is knocked out.

Shoot ONLY the 12 balls at the start, DO NOT shoot any balls that bounce back off the Game, these shots WILL NOT count if you knock out a target.

If the ball goes through the target opening and the target does not fall out this WILL count as a knocked out target.  Sometimes the target will spin and stay in after the shot goes through, usually only happens on a weak shot.  Counts as a knocked out target.

If the ball knocks out a target but does not go through the opening this WILL count as a knocked out target.  Sometimes the ball hits the edge of the opening knocking out the target but not going through the opening.  Counts as a knocked out target.

A shot WILL count if the ball is in flight towards the Game BEFORE the 30 seconds are up.


After round 1 if there is only one player that has knocked out the most targets, THAT PLAYER will be declared the winner.

Round 2 will ONLY consist of players that have knocked out the same high number of targets in the 1st round.  The winner will be the player that knocks out the most targets in this round.

IF Round  3 is needed it will be the same as round 2 and the rounds will continue until a winner is found.

These Rules can be modified to make a shooting contest easier or harder depending on the age group of people in the contest and/or the number of players competing.

There are any number of different shooting contests that can be played using the Hockey Shots Game including a pass from a teammate before shooting.  This incorporates ball handling and passing into the skills competition and makes it more challenging.

Set up contests at adult tournaments where for a nominal entry fee the "Winner" not only gets bragging rights but also receives half the entry pot.  The other half can be donated to a local charity or can be kept by the organization holding the tournament.  See video below.

Hockey Shots Contest at a summer Hockey Tournament

Johnny, Jacob and Paul shooting at Hockey Shots Game, March, 2008

The Hockey Shots Game played in the basement of Ken Pilon.  Playing are Mitch, Bryce, Paul and Johnny.

The name of the above game is called Penalty Shot.  This game consists of all odd numbered targets being green and all even numbered targets being brown.   2 or 3 "penalty targets" are white.  All targets are entered into the game randomly.

The object of the game is to out score your opponent.  A number is called and both players attempt to knock this number out.  Whichever player knocks it out they recieves 1 point.  If  a player has no points and knocks out a number which was not called then their score does not change because they have no points to be taken away, however if a player has points and knocks out a number that was not called they would lose 1 point.  Once a called or non called number has been knocked out it stays out.  Beware of the "penalty targets" if you hit these targets you do not lose any points but you do have to do 15 push ups.  Re-insert this penalty target in any opening.  The game is over when all non penalty targets are knocked out.  Add up your scores to see who wins.

Make up your own game and send us a picture so we can share your ideas with others.
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