What's Being Said.

If you want to know something about hockey just ask John.   He's very approachable and likes to talk hockey.  He will give you free advice and directions. If you want to know something about  why your kid isn't getting more ice then ask him.  Remember though don't ask a question if you can't stand to hear the truth.  Johns old school  and will tell it like it is.  He expects kids to put forth an honest effort based on their ability.  Nothing more, nothing less.

David J. Saunders, Mandan, ND

Thank you  John for all your help and encouragement with Zach.  It really is appreciated and he has learned a great deal.  Thank you also for his scores.  This helps us know what he needs to practice to continue to grow.  I hope he continues to love to play hockey no matter what the level.  It really is an awesome sport.  Thank you again and have a wonderful fall.

Michelle K.  Bismarck, ND

On behalf of the Soligs we want to thank you for all your help, hard work and enthusiasm with the kids.

Willie, Heather and Sky
Bismarck, ND

Thanks for all you have taught me you really helped me.

Ben Yantes

We really appreciate all of the time you have given to making the boys become better athletes.  Thanks

Mike and Pam Yantes
Bismarck, ND

Dear Coach, thank you for coaching me in hockey this year.  I learned and now understabd the game better.  Thank you for your dedication to me. 
Sincerely Lucas Butts

Bismarck, ND

Just a quick note to say "thank you" for all your hard work and dedication, Mike and I appreciate all you have done.  We hope you are Wyatts coach again next year---your coaching style may have been questioned by others in the past but we think you are right on track!   I was proud of our team and I know that has A LOT to do with you.

Thanks again, Mike and Janel Buchholttz

Coach John, thank you for helping me through this hockey camp.  When I started I was so nervous and I was scared that I was gona be horrible at hockey but then you made me feel better by helping me when you saw me struggling. 

Thank you, sincerely McKenna K.


Hockey Consulting for Players or Organizations


Specializing in:


Power Skating, Puckhandling, Passing, Shooting and Checking


Offensive/Defensive Positioning


On/Off Ice Drills and Conditioning


Organization Overhauls- Rules, Bylaws and Directions your club needs to succeed ...if it's broke I can fix it.  Not in 1 or 2 years but TODAY.


Parents should expect their hockey program to have integrity and respect.  The program should conduct itself in the best interest of the players NOT player.


Parents have the right to expect their hockey board to put together a program that will teach their kid the game of Hockey.


I will implement a system that works!  Forget all the high tech stuff and get back to the basics.


Kids that want to play hockey for as long time need the RIGHT tools and the RIGHT directions.  If you want your kid to have a chance to succeed contact me.


Individual tutoring/training starting at $40.00

Playing hockey the way it was meant to be Played by shaping the Mind and Body of a future Hockey Star.

MadKnuk Power Hockey... giving your kid the knowledge and direction so he or she can play hockey for a long time.  Anybody that purchases a Hockey Shots Game will have my support and advice anytime they want.  No BS or mincing of words just the truth.  Does your hockey star have what it takes?  I will tell you.

Have bag will travel.  Call me for a price to fix your program or for on ice or off ice instruction.


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