My four year old played the Hockey Shots Game until he got a blister on his hand.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

He shoots, He scores... Johnny uses the Hockey Shots Game.

This year 06/07 Johnny scored 94 goals as an 8 year old playing Defence for the Mandan Braves blue mite team.  His off ice skills work is really paying off.  He has another year of blue mites but instead will  be going to squirts.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

My 3 year old likes the way the targets fly out of the game when they are hit with a shot.

T.J. New York, NY

I can't expect my son to get better if I am not willing to help him.  The Hockey Shots Game allows us to practice together.

R.V. Boston. MA

The Hockey Shots Game was great for having the most accurate shooter contests for all ages at our tournement.

A.P. Toronto, ON

The Hockey Shots Game is more fun than shooting at an empty net or wall.  We have one  in the basement and garage and we use one on our backyard rink instead of a goalie. 

J.W. Bismarck, ND

The Hockey Shots Game allows an old hockey player like myself to compete against my 5 and 8 year old sons.  We compete against each other about 2 hours a night.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

Allows me to help my son practice by having  him run through a number of different drills that make him keep his head up while practicing his hockey shot.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

When I was a kid we would play road hockey all summer and winter long.  Most hockey skills like puck handling, puck protection, quick hands, passing, making moves and give and gos can be practiced and learned using a ball.  Anybody that doesn't understand this doesn't understand the need for off ice skill practicing.  There are so many off ice drills to be done with a ball... the Hockey Shots Game is only one of them.  It just happens to be the BEST one.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

Practicing your skills off ice will make you a better player on ice.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

This game is GREAT!  So many different games and drills can be done using the Hockey Shots Game. 
John set up a program for my kids that will improve their hockey skills because they play with the game all the time.

Barney Schumacher, Bismarck, ND

This game allows my kids to develop their hockey skills off ice and also allows us to spend quality time together.  We love this game.  Check out what game we made up and play on the "Games for Players" page.

Ken Pilon, Bismarck, ND

Using the Hockey Shots Game you are not mindlessly shooting at an empty net or tarp, you actually have to know how to shoot if want to knock out the targets consistently.

J.W. Bismarck, ND

It's like playing DARTS for the hockey player.

C.F. Dallas, TX

Johnny recently knocked out all 16 targets with 16 shots from 7.5 feet away.  At eight years old he already has a more accurate shot than his old man.

J.W. Bismarck, ND 

Forget all the gimmicks and high tech trainers and invest in a Hockey Shots Game and get back to the basics.  Never leave home again for off ice training.

K. M. Mandan, ND

Johns right when he says "if you can't shoot a ball with velocity and accuracy then how do you expect to shoot a puck with velocity and accuracy"   My son Jakob practices at home with the Hockey Shots Game and his shot improves everyday. 

J. M. Mandan, ND

Hockey parents are you tired of your hockey star being on the 3rd line or playing on the B team.  Wish you could say more often "my kid is better than your kid"  Well talk to John and let him give you and your hockey star the directions needed to turn this around.

R. P. Barrie, Ontario

There must be a way to do some sort of hockey skills training "off ice" to help keep up his interest, have some fun, and improve his skills... So I have recently been searching the interent to "read up" on this aspect of ice hockey training... and hence really enjoyed having a detailed read of your website...some great commments there, being an Aussie and one that doesn't play ice hockey unfortunately I didn't understand the significance of some parts of the website... but have learnt heaps just from reading it several times and looking at the videos...anyways thanks for the great informative and encouraging website... keep up the encouraging tips for all the young players out there..

Rod Weiland, Sydney, Austrailia

Coach John,  Thanks for being a patient coach, a fair coach and most of all a fun coach!   Thanks for everything! 

Isaac and Tori, Bismarck, ND

Coach John, Sometimes people don't get the recognition and thanks they deserve.  But this is to let you know that the work you do is important... and greatly appreciated.  We wanted to say Thank You for all your help this hockey season.  Thank You Coach John!

Trevor and Tavis, Bismarck, ND

Dear coach John, Thank you for coaching me in hockey this year.  I learned and now understand the game better.  Thank you for your dedication to me.

Sincerely Lucas Butts, Bismarck, ND

John,  Thanks for a geat year of hockey for my boys.  They really seem to respond well to your way of coaching (straight forward and no bull).  

Rob Reister, Bismarck, ND

Updated June 8th, 2015
On ice Dman Training in June at VFW2.

15th -1:45 to 3:15
18th - 12:15 to 1:15 and 1:30 to 2:45
19th - 1:45 to 2:45
21st -12:45 to 1:45
22nd -1:45 to 3:15
25th -12:15 to 1:15 and 1:30 to 2:45

$40 per day or $200 for everyday.  ONLY looking for 10 skaters PeeWee and above... will take Forwards who want to do Dman drills if not enough Dmen sign up.  First come first served send me an email at Madknuk@bis.midco.net to CONFIRM spot and days you plan to attend.  New players will need to sign a wavier found on my Summer Camp page.

8th Annual Summer Camp 2015 click on Summer Camp Page (shows up blank for some reason) for details

Set of targets for FREE for passed purchasers of the HSG just pay for shipping.

Proper training products and Proper direction equal PROPER skill development.  GOOD habits learnt young will not have to be broken... BAD habits learnt young almost NEVER can.

Thanks to all that bought the HS Game this year I hope YOUR HOCKEY STAR will develop the GOOD habits needed to be the BEST in their league.


New Product for Sale- Vinyl pucks, almost $2 less than store prices see Products/Place Order page.

RAISED THE PRICE OF THE HOCKEY SHOTS GAME TO $210.00  I will also send a page of the BEST off ice stickhandling and ONLY off ice stickhandling drills your hockey star will ever need to practice. 

 Coming Soon... More info and more common sense solutions for FREE.   Telling it like it is for 7 years now. 

Keep your hockey stars training hard at home using the FREE info on this website.  It works.  Anybody that has seen my 15 year son play will see this.  

Check for updates and new comments every month.  You want the truth you will find it here and it is FREE. 

Get a commitment from your Hockey Star to reach their full potential then get the BEST on ice/off ice training aid available. 


   ***** Important Stuff ********

-  Hockey Fixes Page  tells whats  wrong  with Hockey and how to fix it.  A must read for anyone wanting to improve their Local Hockey Program. Innovative ideas that make sense and need to be incorporated into the Hockey world. 

Johnny aged 8 using the Hockey Shots Game. 

You don't need to be on the ice 12 months a year to get better and compete with the best of your peers.  If you don't figure it out now you have no one to blame but yourself when your child is older and has no skills, you found this website so take advantage of it,  training starts at home with a ball and a stick.  Any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Beat the Recession by training at home.   The BEST CAMP you can go to is on your own driveway or basement.  How good does you son or daughter want to be?  You can't get good by LYING AROUND WATCHING TV.
    Information on how to get good is here on this website and it's FREE.  If you have a question I will respond for FREE.  

    The philosophies on this website are not new in fact it is old news... the more you practice the better you will become.   It is the uses that  the Hockey Shots Game provides that is NEW and also INNOVATIVE.  That is why I believe in what I am saying.  My kids and other kids that practice what I preach are proof that training with the Hockey Shots Game gives you results that other training aids cannot.  Don't believe all the so called experts.  If your summer camp or training facility isn't using the Hockey Shots Game for teaching shooting techniques and evaluation purposes you have to ask yourself why?  Every hockey program should have an  off ice training area OR Every local hockey program needs to make room for off ice training no excuses NOW not in 2-3 or 10 years.

    Local hockey programs need to provide competent direction for off ice training or they are not looking out for the best interests in their programs kids.  Most hockey skills can and should be learnt off ice. If your hockey program and its leaders do not understand this  your program will NOT be very good NOR very competitive.    This is especially true in North Dakota which I see first hand.  I would think that some programs would get sick and tired of getting spanked year after year, never improving, never being competitve unless you can call playing and beating another crappy team from another crappy program being competitve. The excuse of NOT having the numbers falls short when the numbers you do have have no skill.  It is the programs fault and the parents fault for allowing this direction to continue year after year.   I have contacted a lot of these broken programs and offered help for years but....

    This website is full of information and training based on years of trial and error and is based on a philosophy that "you must want to practice" in order to get better, again this is not a new philosophy but it rings true because all good and great players have had to do this practicing to succeed.  It does not matter what sport you play.  This off ice practice can and should be done at home or at an off ice training area set aside in every arena for FREE.  If anyone tells you different you should  close you wallet and run as fast as you can.
    If you are new to the Game of Hockey then you will need camps and training facilties for proper direction and some are way better than others, you need to ask the right  questions and do your homework.  Testimonials and word of mouth are the best advertising.   

    Beware of people that try and sell you hockey concepts that do not work or are ridiculous in theory just to make their themselves different.  There are many training products and systems that just don't work...95% of them are just plain NONSENSE!  The good websites are listed on my links page and there aren't many of them.

Get a commitment from your hockey star to practice everyday AND THEN help them by not letting another day go by without getting your hockey star the BESToff ice shooting game/training aid available.

Johnny aged 11 in this video dated Feb 17, 2010 is practicng a few of his off ice drills using tennis or hockey balls.  All drills end up with a heads up shot on the Hockey Shots Game.  


Johnny aged 11 and Paul 8 practice their stickhandling and shooting skills on our backyard ice on Feb 17th, 2010.  This is one of the many drills that can be done with a tennis ball and the Hockey Shots Game.  Read what Wayne Gretzky says about using tennis balls in his "quote" on the Quotes and Links page on this website.  This is not new training only training that does not get the attention it deserves.  This is training that WILL BE discovered AGAIN AND FOR GOOD very soon.  IF YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS TRAINING THEN REMEMBER YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. See Hockey Fixes page for more videos and thoughts.

The Hockey Shots Game is used to practice the techniques of your hockey shot using a ball.  It is designed to make the repetitions of practicing your hockey shot more FUN.  By shooting at targets you know right away if you hit the spot you were aiming for or not.   Whether you play ice, inline or road hockey, using this game will improve your hockey shooting techniques.  This game allows for individual and multi-player competitons; you can play by yourself or with family and friends.   This game allows different skill level players to play and compete against one another. 

At this time, when the Popularity of hockey is at an all time high, there are opportunities for hockey players to play the game for a long time, as professional and semi pro leagues are springing up all around the world.  A player who is willing to and dedicated to practicing the skills that are needed to get them to that level has a better chance for success.  The key to having a successful career is to be better than the other player and this requires PRACTICE, PRACTICE and then more PRACTICE, 15 minutes a day is better than none.

Any hockey training device that hockey parents buy should get used or why buy it.  If parents have to poke or prod their kids to use this device then it is either no fun to use or their kids don't have the desire needed to improve their hockey skills.  These parents would be better off spending the money on something else.  Buying your hockey stars a $400.00 pair of skates will not make them better skaters if they do not want to practice skating.  The same is true about a $150.00 stick.  This stick will not make them a better puck handler and shooter if they don't want to practice.  Hockey parents that don't understand these things shouldn't expect their hockey prodigies to have much of a career.  Your $400.00 skates and $150.00 stick will not last as long nor will you get the use out them like the durable Hockey Shots Game.

Below are 2 pictures of the HSG being abused by the elements for 6 plus years.  This Game at my house has never come inside and it is as sturdy as the day I put it together.  There is no way it will be destroy under normal use if it cannot be destroy after years of normal use and from being abused by the elements for six years.  IT WILL LAST FOREVER if used and stored properly.  The targets on the other hand do not like the elements and need to be taken indoors.

Parents need to find the right training aids (stick , tennis balls, HSG) and encourage their kids to get off the couch and  away from their video games and tvs.  They need to play hockey and train for hockey away from the rink on the street, in the garage or at the outdoor rink.  Kids that discover this sooner rather than later WILL have a huge advantage in the development of their skills over others that haven't.  It's called self motivating, and you cannot teach it.  Either you can do it or you can't.

Every day that a hockey player DOES NOT practice hockey skill development is another day they are behind a hockey player that DOES.  The best Hockey Camp a player can go to is on their OWN driveway, in their OWN garage or basement and this camp is open  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many of the philosophies expressed on this website are not new.  We live in a time when kids have many more distractions than we ever did as kids... the worse being tv and video games.  As a parent I think that we should help our kids get off the couch and to encourage them to be the best that they can be at what ever they attempt.  The Hockey Shots Game is an off ice training aid that is FUN to use and when used as part of a regular off ice training regimen WILL improve shooting and stick handling techniques.  My philosophies might be old school but I 'm sure everyone has heard the saying "practice makes perfect".  In this case I think it should say "practicing skills off ice makes for perfect skills on ice". 

The Hockey Shots Game can be used in the garage, the basement , an empty basketball court or any other open area for any number of drills and games.  You can use it anywhere and everywhere, inside and outside.

The Hockey Shots Game can be used by Pro and Junior teams for off ice pre-game warmup.


Johnny aged 9 shooting from 11.5 feet away.  Watch how Johnny aged 9 gets the ball under control then automatically gets his head up.  This is key to finding then hitting your target.  It is also key in not getting crushed by another player and to have on ice awareness (finding an open teammate to pass to).  All are skills needed if you want to be a great player.  Learning to keep your head up at an early age is very important.  Johnny shooting with the inner targets left out helps eliminate lucky shots.  We usually time and record how long it takes him to knock out all the targets OR how many shots it takes him to knock out the targets.  This helps him keep track of how he is doing and also gives him incentive to break his previous best.  A great way to evaluate your player at home and is cheaper than paying $75.00 hour for someone else to give you the same results.

You can use the Hockey Shots Game for "Most Accurate Shooter" contests or friendly competition within a family, team, league, camp, tournament, neighborhood,  or organization.  

You can use the Game for self or team evaluation by keeping track of the number of shots it takes or the amount of time it takes to knock out  the targets.  This allows you to see the progress of players learning proper shooting techniques.

 The Hockey Shots Game can also be used to play games at any fundraising, party or carnival event.

In this video I call out instructions to Johnny aged 9  like pass (means pass the ball back), shoot (means shoot the ball) , fake pass/shot  (means faking  a pass/shot  before passing or shooting) or shoot number (means shooting at a specific number).  By yelling commands Johnny must concentrate and react accordingly to these commands.  By concentrating and reacting as quickly as possible the player learns to focus on the task at hand and react rather than think about situations.  By practicng to react quickly a player will improve his or her decision making abilities as well as his/her shot or pass release.  This means the player might have to pass or shoot off balance and in uncomfortable positions sometimes.  This is what Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin do better than anyone else in the NHL.  Training to react quickly will help improve on ice decisions and is key to becoming a GREAT hockey player. 

JUST another way that training with the Hockey Shots Game will improve your Game.   With all its uses the HOCKEY SHOTS GAME  IS THE BEST OFF ICE TRAINING GAME/AID AVAILABLE.   SO  MANY  different  uses is what makes the Hockey Shots Game STAND OUT out from ALL other training  aids.

Backyard ice Feb 2010

THE HOCKEY SHOTS GAME $210.00 plus shipping and handling.


SAVE TIME AND MONEY BY TRAINING AT HOME, there is no reason to have to go anywhere for off ice hockey training if you have the RIGHT direction and the RIGHT training aids.    Forget about all the high tech mumble gumble and get back to the basics.

You can see larger versions of some of the videos on this website at Youtube.com    Just do a search on "Madknuk" and all 31 videos should appear.

You can now find this website at HockeyShotsGame.COM.  Be sure to add this website to your "Favorites" in your web browser.

Please send this website to anyone that is interested in improving their hockey shot, the best advertising is free advertising.  Thank you John

I am having trouble with my email below, for some reason the emails are not being forwarded, if you do not hear back from me within a few days please email me direct at Madknuk@bis.midco.net   Thanks


JS shooting at the Hockey Shots Game from 15-16 feet away... count the misses its easier than counting the targets hit.  Hes an awesome shooter, very good technique. At 16 years old his future looks bright.  This is the way a future hockey star should shoot the puck, hard and with your head up, at 16 JS is a better shooter than I ever was!

Some drills using the Vinyl Puck.

Unique Practice Game


Single or Multi player competition 


Quick and Easy set up 


Quick and Easy Storage


Portable- weighs only 33 lbs

Durable sponge targets take a beating and last a year or more


Can be used for many different drillls and games.


Using a ball decreases the chances of serious injury and property damage.

Built to Last

Start and End of Year Evaluations



All components are made and assembled in the United States and Canada ensuring quality of workmanship and a guarantee of a long lasting life if the game is used and stored properly.  This Game will outlast your $400.00 skates and $150.00 stick. 

In fact the Game can be used for years and years and then either passed down to another up and coming Hockey Star within your family OR it can be resold. 

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